Raul Garcia
Team Lead

Real estate had a big impact on my life as a kid. I remember being 12 years old, jumping in our Realtor’s car to go see homes. At the time, my parents were renting a lower level 2-bedroom unit in an 8-unit building.  Noisy neighbors upstairs, no backyard and gang activity surrounded us.

My parents were not fluent in English during their home purchase.  I remember helping translate loan documents, contracts, and disclosures during the escrow process at that age. Through that process, I learned so much about the real estate industry. Little did I know I was a Realtor in the making.

When I became a licensed agent at the age of 24 I soon realized how my experience with my parents helped mold how I operate my business today. I approach my career with an educator mindset. I've learned that to be confident in a decision, it is best made when educated. My parents decision to buy a home 30 years ago inspired my real estate career. If you've thought of owning real estate, let's talk. Who might you inspire?

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